Coalition conference newsflash 9

Six Library and Information Science PhD students win sponsored places at the Library and Information Science Research Coalition conference

Three of the award-winning students are from the Department of Information Science at City University: Charlie Inskip, Charlie Mayor and Liz Poirier. They are joined by Liz Brewster of the Department of Information Studies at Sheffield University, Hannah Spring of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at York St John University, and Hui-Yun Sung of Loughborough University. Their research projects span topics in public, health and music librarianship, information behaviour and use, and ontologies. (Actual thesis titles are listed on the sponsored places page.)

The six students will be playing an active role at the conference by reporting on the presentations, discussions and outcomes. As well as undertaking their reporting roles and discussing their PhD work with delegates informally, the students will also have an opportunity at the event to take the stage and present an outline of their research in the conference’s one minute madness session.

The students have won their sponsored places thanks to the generosity of three recruitment firms: Glen Recruitment, TFPL and Sue Hill Recruitment.

Logos of Glen Recruitment, TFPL and Sue Hill Recruitment

The sponsors of the six PhD student places

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