Volunteers please!

If you are attending Evidence, Value and Impact: the LIS Research Landscape in 2010 on Monday 28th June, then we need you to read on…

As part of the build-up to (as well as online coverage of) the conference, our event amplifier Kirsty Pitkin (nee McGill) will be looking for volunteers to give short interviews about their interests and expectations/experiences of the conference. During the event Kirsty will be roaming around with her flip cam and audio recorder to document your comments and observations, so please look out for her if you have something you would like to say, or have an idea you want to put to the LIS Research community via this web site.

If you would rather not be filmed, but would still like to tell the community about your work and views, then Kirsty has a set of questions for a written interview that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you’d like to volunteer to give an interview, please email Kirsty and let her know whether you would be prepared to do a video, audio or written interview.

It would be fantastic to hear as many voices as possible so we can all find out what you are doing and consider your views of the LIS research landscape in 2010. Please do volunteer to offer your perspective.

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