To Aberdeen for iDocQ and i3

i3 conference logo Library and information science researchers are gathering in Aberdeen this coming week for Information: interactions and impact (i3), hosted by the Department of Information Management at the Robert Gordon University (RGU). The local organising committee has been led by Professor Dorothy Williams, Director of the Institute for Management Governance and Society (IMAGES) at RGU.

The LIS Research Coalition is pleased to be associated with the conference. Amongst the sponsors are the Research Information Network and the Scottish Library and Information Council, both of which are LIS Research Coalition members. In addition, Professor Hazel Hall is giving a keynote paper at the event on Wednesday 22nd June.

ESRC logo Entitled “Coalition and collaboration: supporting the development of Library and Information Science research in the UK”, Hazel’s presentation will discuss the formation of the LIS Research Coalition in 2009 and its accomplishments to date, as well as a recent collaboration between four Scottish universities (RGU, Edinburgh Napier, Glasgow and Strathclyde) to establish the Information Science pathway as part of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. The Graduate School is a newly formed ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. In particular, Hazel’s presentation will demonstrate how the collaborative efforts across organisations are meeting the objective of raising the quality and impact of library and information science research in the UK.

Immediately prior to Information: interactions and impact (i3) on Sunday 19th June iDocQ takes place. iDocQ has been developed by the four member universities of the Information Science Pathway as an opportunity for new researchers working in the field of information science to present their research to their peers and gather feedback on their ideas. As well as discussing posters that outline their doctoral studies, PhD students at iDocQ will participate in a one minute madness session during the day.

iDocQ logo

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