Getting set for DREaM project launch conference next Tuesday

British Library gate

Credit: mjsonline

The DREaM project launch conference takes place a week today on Tuesday 19th July. We’re pleased to report that all our plans are now coming together for a great event. If you’re coming along and would like to get to know your fellow delegates on Twitter first, please follow our DREaM participant Twitter list where we have listed everyone who has supplied us with their Twitter details in advance of the conference. We also have a Lanyrd page for the event. Here some – but by no means all – delegates have added their details. If you will be there on 19th July and have not listed yourself on the Lanyrd page, please don’t be shy – everyone would love to see your details here.

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In order to allow some last minute registrations, we are keeping the DREaM project launch conference booking page live until midday tomorrow (Wednesday 13th July). Thereafter it will no longer be possible to make a booking through our online system. So if you intend to join the conference, please make sure that you let us know by adding your details through the booking page by noon on Wednesday. Thank you!


2 Responses to Getting set for DREaM project launch conference next Tuesday

  1. Hi
    the Lanyrd page doesn’t seem to include any instructions for adding yourself or your details
    Also, the option to login with my Twitter account contains the warning that it will enable Lanyrd to post from my account, which has put me off doing this.
    Please could you post more information about adding our details to the Lanyrd page? Thanks

  2. With Lorraine Paterson’s help, with looked a bit deeper into Lanyrd’s privacy and use of Twitter accounts.
    They do not post to your Twitter account without asking you each time (e.g. there is an optional tweet when you sign up for the conference, but it’s not automatic)
    They cannot change your Twitter profile, but they use this as your Lanyrd profile. So, if you change your Twitter profile, the Lanyrd profile automatically updates to match it.
    Lanyrd is pronounced like the thing that they try to make you wear round your neck at conferences.

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