DREaM launch conference speaker insight 2: Dr Dylan Evans

Dylan EvansIn the second of our DREaM Launch Conference speaker insights, we speak with Dr Dylan Evans, who will be presenting our closing keynote. In this interview, he shares his enthusiasm for the project, and why he believes LIS research is “sexy”.

Dr Dylan Evans is a Lecturer in Behavioural Science at University College Cork. However, he’s been seduced by a variety of subjects during his academic career, from linguistics and psychoanalysis to robotics and philosophy.

What is your interest in the DREaM project and why are you participating in the launch event?

I am a huge fan of interdisciplinary work and love collaborating with people from other disciplines. I think LIS researchers are ideally placed to facilitate such collaboration with others across subject and geographical boundaries, as well as disseminating research findings beyond traditional academic audiences, so I was delighted when Hazel Hall asked me to present a keynote at this conference.

What do you hope to achieve through your keynote?

I hope to get people excited about interdisciplinary research, and spark off some ideas about how to foster collaboration between researchers from disparate areas. I also hope to entertain people; it’s the last talk of the day, and people will be tired, so my aim is to send them home with a smile on their faces.

What are your hopes for the conference as a whole?

I hope the conference will provide a great launchpad for the DREaM project, and help to sow the seeds for a fertile researcher community. I also hope that it will serve as a springboard for extending LIS research practice beyond its traditional boundaries.

What are your hopes for the DREaM project as it gets underway?

I hope the DREaM project will help LIS researchers dare to dream about things they have never dreamed of before, and show the rest of the world how sexy LIS can be!

Dr Evans will be presenting the closing keynote: “The promiscuous researcher: flirting across disciplines and courting the media”, in which he will argue that variety is the spice of love. He will tell the story of some of his research relationships, and explain the thread that links the apparently disparate disciplines with which he has fallen in love, and why he eventually got divorced.

For further details about this session, please see the full conference programme.


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