Coalition review 2011, and priorities for 2011/12

A review of the Coalition’s work since its foundation in 2009 was undertaken by external consultants Sandra Ward, Beaworthy Consulting and Ian Wooler, IDW Ltd and completed in April 2011. The consultants presented their report at the May 2011 meeting of the Coalition Board and the results and recommendations were subsequently discussed in detail at a Special Meeting of the Board held on 27 July.

The Board welcomed the findings of the review and agreed on the following three priorities for the third and final year of the Coalition:

  1. The AHRC-funded DREaM project: Developing Research Excellence and Methods.
  2. Follow-up work arising from the Research in Librarianship – Impact Evaluation Project (RiLIES).
  3. Raising the profile and visibility of the Coalition and what it stands for by engaging more effectively with the LIS researcher and practitioner communities.

The DREaM project will:

  • create a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers;
  • promote research capability and capacity in the LIS community;
  • connect LIS researchers and practitioners;
  • aim to leave a sustainable long-term legacy.

The findings from RiLIES project will be used to:

  • strengthen the link between LIS research and practice;
  • support those engaged in LIS research by ensuring their work has impact;
  • help those engaged to LIS research to develop strategies for
    • generating new research ideas
    • deciding research approaches
    • determining project scale
    • dissemination of research results

Raising the profile and visibility of the Coalition among the LIS researcher and practitioner communities will:

  • realise value from the work of the Coalition;
  • help the practitioner community demonstrate service impact;
  • contribute to service improvement through use of research resources provided by the Coalition;
  • feed into the DREaM and RiLIES projects;
  • leave a sustainable long-term legacy.

This is an ambitious programme for the next twelve months and we need to work with the LIS research and practitioner communities to deliver it. If you would like to help with this work – either as an individual or on behalf of your organisation – please contact Hazel Hall.