DREaM event 3 speaker insight: Nick Moore

We are rapidly approaching the next LIS DREaM workshop, which will be held at the British Library on Monday 30th January. We are looking forward to welcoming back our “cadre” for an exciting range of workshop sessions tackling action research, webometrics, historical techniques and research policy issues.

Nick Moore

Professor Nick Moore

In the first of our series of preview posts leading up to the workshop, Professor Nick Moore gives us a an insight into his session, in which he will discuss “Making the bullets for others to fire” focussing on research and policy. He explains how he feels his personal journey of exploration through policy issues might help other LIS researchers and even offers up his archive!

Professor Moore is the Managing Partner in Acumen, a research and consultancy company which explores a wide range of issues concerned with the use of information in society.

What research issues will you be discussing with the workshop participants in your presentation ?

I spent 10 or 12 years exploring the policy issues that were raised by the transition to information- and knowledge-based societies. In so doing, I began to develop a theroetical and practical approach to information policy. In my talk, I plan to describe the main features of the journey that I took, drawing out the lessons that might be applicable to others undertaking policy-related research.

How have these issues affected your own research?

It really was a process of trial and error with, looking back, the emphasis on error. Were I to repeat the exercise now, I would not do many things very differently. Working in a nationally-important policy research institute was a great advantage, although it made me very conscious of the difference between my relatively unsophisticated approach to research, compared with the high level of skills possesed by the other senior researchers. I was also helped enormously by a group of young, enthusiastic researchers.

I guess I ended the process with a much greater awareness of my own limitations.

How do you think these issues might be relevant to LIS researchers?

I hope that others might be able to learn from, and profit by, the mistakes that I made. But everyone needs to find their own way and to make their own errors.

Where can people will find more information?

I have always tried to publish quite widely and people should be able to track down a variety of books, chapters, articles and conference papers, along with 50 or so research reports – all of which will be showing their age. I keep trying to give my archive away to some body, but none seems interested. If any of the DREaM participants feels like becoming the host…

When I was more active, I maintained a website at www.acumenuk.co.uk. It is still there but in great need of updating, but it will give people a flavour of the things we were trying to do.

Professor Moore will be presenting a session entitled Making the bullets for others to fire (research and policy) at the third DREaM workshop at the British Library on Monday 30th January. For full details about the workshop, please see the workshop programme.

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