DREaM event 4 speaker insight: Phil Turner

The third of our preview interviews ahead of DREaM event 4 is with Dr Phil Turner from Edinburgh Napier University. He will be covering techniques from psychology, focussing specifically on repertory grids.

Which research technique will you be discussing with the workshop participants in your presentation?

The use of repertory grids (“rep grids”) to elicit experiences. Rep grids are a well established interviewing technique based on personal construct theory. Rep grids, in conjunction with specialist software, are a useful means of visualising an individual’s experience.

Have you used this in your own research?

Yes, and the talk will include material from a recent journal publication.

How do you think this might be useful as a method in LIS research?

It already has been used successfully in the library/information science domain.

Where can people will find more information?

You want me to tell library people where to find more information – really? (Note from workshop organisers: At the end of Dr Turner’s PowerPoint slides he provides a reference list. This will be made available from Wednesday 25th April.)

Dr Phil Turner will be presenting a session introducing techniques from psychology at the fourth DREaM workshop at the Edinburgh Napier University on Wednesday 25th April. For full details about the workshop, please see the workshop programme.

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