Participate in LIS DREaM 4 Online

As we prepare to get the third DREaM workshop under way, you may be regretting that you can’t join us to hear more about horizon scanning, data mining, research techniques from psychology and impact snakes and ladders.

If you are not able to join the cadre today, there are still ways you can follow the event online and participate in both the discussions and the workshop task…

Follow LIS DREaM 4 Live

You can follow a live commentary of this session on Twitter by following @LIS_DREaM. Please join in with the discussion by using the event hash tag #lis_dream4.

If you are not a Twitter user, you can follow the event live via CoverItLive. You can contribute your own observations and questions via CoverItLive without the need for a login or account.

You will find all the materials you need to follow along on the individual session pages, which will be linked from the main programme page.

Our event amplifier, Kirsty Pitkin, will be on hand to support remote participants throughout the event. If you would like her to ask any of the speakers a question or your behalf, please tweet it to @LIS_DREaM or post it in the CoverItLive session and she will relay it for you and report back with the answer.

Workshop Task

Today’s workshop task will be led by Professor Hazel Hall and will consist of two tasks. The workshop task timetable is available on Slideshare.

If you are participating remotely, you will need to follow the #lis_dream4 or CoverItLive session at 10:30 for instructions from Hazel, then contribute your answers to the first part of the task using this shared Google document. There is no login required to take part and your contributions will be fed back to the group so we can share your insights and add these to the permanent record of the event.

You can contribute to the first part of the workshop task at any time during the workshop up until 15:30. If you miss the coverage of Hazel’s introduction to the first part of the task at 10:30, just let us know via Twitter or CoverItLive and Kirsty will explain what you need to do.

The second part of the task will take place during Hazel’s presentation.

DREaM Community

If you would like to comment on any of the topics raised today in more detail, please join the discussion in the DREaM online community and add a blog post. The post event materials, including recordings of each presentation, slides, photos and workshop task outputs, will all be made available via the DREaM community site shortly after the event.

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