Free LIRG briefing session – London – Tuesday 10th July 2012


  • Tuesday 10th July, 10:00-13:00, CILIP, Ridgmount Street, London
  • A free half-day LIRG event
  • Led by Christine Irving, Peter Cruickshank and Hazel Hall, Edinburgh Napier University
The Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) is pleased to announce a free event in collaboration with the Research in Librarianship Impact Evaluation Study (RiLIES) team.This is a half-day briefing session. Its main aim is to raise awareness amongst librarians of the evidence-base that can be used to support high quality information services delivery, and the tools that can be used to access relevant sources of information. The briefing will also highlight a number of well-established and new resources that can help practitioners in the design, implementation and evaluation of their own research projects. These include training, good practice and community support materials. In addition, the session will provide a forum for librarians to discuss the long-term research support needs of the library and information science research community. There will be opportunities to ask questions, provide feedback and offer suggestions.

Learning outcome

By the end of the session participants will have increased their knowledge and understanding of the range of research resources and training materials available to support (1) the exploitation of the existing library and information science (LIS) evidence base, and (2) the execution of LIS research projects.

Who should attend?

This briefing is aimed at LIS practitioners, academics and students interested in learning about the range of resources available. It is particularly suitable for those who are keen to increase their engagement with research to support their practice.

Cost and booking

There is no charge for this event. However, advance booking is required to secure a place. Visit the LIRG website for further details Please use the online form at to make a booking. Bookings close on 2nd July 2012.

Further information

Enquiries regarding the event can be made to Christine Irving or the LIRG Events Team

Find out more about the RiLIES projects

The Research in Librarianship – Impact Evaluation Study (RiLIES – pronounced “realise”) comprises two linked projects. RiLIES1 explored the extent to which funded librarianship research projects influence library practice in the UK. The goal of RiLIES2 is to produce research resources and training material to support librarians and information scientists in their use of published research in their work, and – where appropriate – to help librarians and information scientists and professionals carry out their own research. To find out more about RiLIES, please see the project web site at

RiLIES is a sister project of Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM), both of which are supported by the LIS Research Coalition. This half day LIRG event on the morning of Tuesday 10th July at CILIP in London has been timed to follow the DREaM conference which takes place at the British Library on Monday 9th July. LIRG is also holding its AGM at the DREaM conference. Thus those with interests in LIS research and who are normally obliged to travel far to reach London have the opportunity to attend three events grouped together at the start of the week beginning 9th July. For further information about the DREaM conference, please see

This event carries the CILIP Seal of Recognition

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