DREaM 5 speaker insight: Carla Basili

Carla Basili

In the second of our DREaM Conference preview posts, Dr Carla Basili describes the perspectives that she will bring to the panel discussion …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers.
Dr Carla Basili is Senior Researcher at the Italian National Research Council and Associate Professor on Methodologies of Scientific Information at Sapienza University in Rome.
Note: In the event Carla Basili was unable to attend the DREaM conference on 9th July 2012. John Dolan kindly took her place on the panel.

How have you been involved in the DREaM project to date?

Participation in the panel session at the DREaM conference on 9th July will be my first face-to-face involvement in the project.

Why are you participating at the conference?

I’m pleased to be participating at the conference because the themes of the DREaM project are close to my research interests. In 2003 I launched a network of researchers in Information Literacy (EnIL, the European network on Information Literacy). On 9th July I can report about my experience of this network, and a framework of variables for the qualitative analysis and comparison of European information literacy policies. I’ll be happy to discuss these themes with delegates one-to-one during the breaks and networking sessions, as well as formally during the panel session.

The title of the afternoon panel session at the conference is “…and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers”. Why is it important that the UK network of LIS researchers is sustained, and what do you anticipate we will be discussed in the panel session?

Firstly, the DREaM project is a timely attempt to answer to the question: how to justify the funding of research in the LIS domain? This question, indeed, is part of a more general concern as to how research funding in the Humanities can be justified in terms of impact.

Both these connected questions are of great relevance, particularly in the European context. What’s interesting and new about the work of the DREaM project is that while a number of initiatives have been already undertaken for the Arts and Humanities sector in general, the focus here is on one disciplinary area in particular: library and information science.

Secondly, and with specific reference to the theme of the panel discussion, I’m looking forward to discussing concrete steps that will:

  • formalise and manage the DREaM network and
  • raise the familiarity among LIS researchers with innovative research methods and interdisciplinary research

…together with the potential benefits of collaborating in a network.

Dr Carla Basili will be participating in a panel discussion entitled: …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme and to book a place, please see the conference web page.

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