DREaM 5 speaker insight: Dr Carol Tenopir

Dr Carol Tenopir

In the third of our DREaM Conference preview posts, Dr Carol Tenopir describes her opening keynote presentation Building evidence of the value and impact of library and information services: methods, metrics and ROI.

Carol Tenopir is a Chancellor’s Professor at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the Director of Research for the College of Communication and Information, and Director of the Center for Information and Communication Studies.

What is your interest in the DREaM project?

As an LIS researcher myself, I applaud the goals of the DREaM project to build a network for researchers in the UK. We can all learn from each other — in both methods and findings — plus finding collaborators is increasingly important. Hazel Hall has been keeping me updated on the DREaM project throughout its duration when we have been together as co-presenters at various other conferences.

Why are you participating in the conference?

I was honoured to be asked by Hazel to participate in this final event. Although I am based in the US, my research is often international in scope and I value my interactions with my UK colleagues. Many of the topics we research are not restricted by place, as the LIS issues and methods used to study them are global.

What do you hope to achieve in your keynote?

I will be presenting some of the findings from my ongoing studies of measuring value and outcomes from scholarly reading and, more specifically, return on investment in libraries. I will be discussing (1) methods for measuring value, and (2) findings from studies on the measurement of the value of libraries conducted in the UK, US and elsewhere. Applied research in LIS has value beyond just the interesting things that researchers discover – although that is a continuing motivation for all researchers. Importantly, research evidence can help practitioners make informed decisions about their services delivery.

You are also participating in the afternoon panel session. What do you expect to come up in the discussion?

The panel “…and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers” is all about motivation and means for keeping collaboration strong. DREaM is a starting point; for it to be truly successful in the long run, all involved – including researchers, practitioner-researchers, and practitioners who use the research output of the LIS research community in their work – must make an effort to keep the networking going. Networking means sharing ideas. It also means finding ways to actively work together in collaborative research on important LIS topics.

Dr Carol Tenopir will be presenting the opening keynote: “Building evidence of the value and impact of library and information services: methods, metrics and ROI” at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. She will also be participating in a panel discussion titled: “…and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers”. For full details about the conference programme and to book a place, please see the conference web page.

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