DREaM 5 speaker insight: Jo Alcock

Jo Alcock

In the fourth of our DREaM Conference preview posts, Jo Alcock describes her experiences as a member of the DREaM workshop cadre and explains what she hopes to bring to the panel discussion …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers.

Jo Alcock is researcher at Evidence Base, Birmingham City University. She is currently working towards CILIP Chartership and is Chair of CILIP West Midlands Branch.

How have you been involved in the DREaM project to date?

I attended the DREaM opening conference last July and as a relatively new LIS researcher was keen to be involved in the project. I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of the ‘cadre’ of researchers and practitioners attending the series of workshops in Edinburgh and London. I’ve learnt a lot from these and am looking forward to putting some of what I’ve learnt into practice in my research. In addition I have had the opportunity to present on my research during the participant-led sections of the workshops, as can be seen in the video of the “unconference” half hour session at the October 2011 workshop. I have also formed new connections and strengthened existing connections with others interested in LIS research.

Why are you participating in the conference?

I was invited to attend the conference and participate as part of the afternoon panel session as a representative of the DREaM workshop cadre. I hope I’ll be able to contribute both my own opinions and that of my fellow cadre members regarding the future of LIS research.

The title of the afternoon panel session at the conference is “…and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers”. Why is it important that the UK network of LIS researchers is sustained, and what do you anticipate we will be discussed in the panel session?

Many of the reasons the LIS Research Coalition was established are still true, particularly the gap between LIS researchers and LIS practitioners, and the lack of cohesion within LIS research. Though the work of the LIS Research Coalition has made great steps towards improving this, there is still work to be done. As a current researcher and previous practitioner, I’d like to think that as a profession we can continue to take forward the good work started by the LIS Research Coalition and strengthen the connections and collaboration within LIS research itself, and between research and practice. I hope the afternoon panel will be able to conclude with some actions for us all to take forward to help build and sustain a network of LIS researchers.

Jo Alcock will be participating in a panel discussion entitled: …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme and to book a place, please see the conference web page.

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