DREaM 5 speaker insight: Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke

In another of our series of DREaM Conference preview posts, Mike Clarke describes what he will be doing at next week’s conference and why he is keen to attend.

Mike Clarke is Head of Libraries and Registration Services for the London Borough of Camden.

How did you hear about the DREaM project and the conference?


Stephanie Kenna, whom I have known professionally for many years, asked me on behalf of the DREaM project team if I would be interested in chairing a session.


What’s your role at the conference on 9th July?


I’m to chair the One Minute Madness session – a series of one-minute presentations by members of the DREaM workshop cadre and other conference delegates. This is a new format to me, but as I like quick, focused information it sounds right up my street!


As someone who works in the public library sector, what do you hope to gain by participating on the day?


I would like to re-connect with research practice, which can sometimes seem a bit distanced from the world of public libraries, and to find some thinking time and space.

Mike Clarke will be chairing the One Minute Madness session at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme, please see the conference web page.

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