DREaM 5 speaker insight: Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben Goldacre (copyright Rhys Stacker 2009)

Dr Ben Goldacre (copyright Rhys Stacker 2009)

Our final DREaM Conference preview post features our closing keynote speaker, Ben Goldacre, who gives us a quick insight into what to expect from him at the conference on Monday.
Ben Goldacre is a best-selling author, broadcaster, medical doctor and academic who specialises in unpicking dodgy scientific claims from drug companies, newspapers, government reports, PR people and quacks.

What’s your role at the DREaM conference?


I’m giving a talk, and I think I’m also presenting the Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award to the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group!


What do you hope to achieve in your keynote?


I’ll be talking about things like the value of information, how it can be misused, and how it needs to be corralled by good people like you (librarians and information scientists).


Will there be opportunities for delegates to ask questions about your work?


Yes, absolutely, in a Q&A after the talk and milling about after.

Ben Goldacre will be giving the closing keynote: Research, evidence bases, decision making and policy and presenting the Library and Information Science Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme, please see the conference web page.

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