July 2012 issue of Coalition newsletter now available

In 2012 we have been issuing regular newsletters to keep the LIS research community informed of the work of the LIS Research Coalition. The newsletters have been mailed to relevant listservs, and a copy of each one archived on the newsletters page.

The last newsletter dated July 2012 is issued this week. Read the full issue on the newsletters page. Our top stories are:

  1. The DREaM project concluding conference: “a fantastic day”
  2. DREaM project – the next stage
  3. RiLIES2 project
  4. Highlights from the RiLIES1 project
  5. Ronan O’Beirne and Michael Jubb contribute guest blogs to the Coalition web site

    Hazel Hall

    Hazel Hall

    This is also the final blog post of the Library and Information Science Research Coalition. Hazel Hall would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support of the Library and Information Science Research Coalition’s work, particularly that related to the DREaM and RiLIES projects. She would also like to encourage all to continue working so that the investment of the past three years leaves a valuable legacy that endures in the future, and well beyond the period of project funding.

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