Introducing the Wiley DREaM team!

As the DREaM project programme of events comes to an end and the concluding conference approaches, the Wiley DREaM team members (as they have dubbed themselves) are putting the finishing touches to their preparation, ensuring no question will go unanswered.

With bags packed and shoes shined they will be ready to answer any questions delegates might have on Online Books and other Wiley products, as well as the latest offers available to delegates and their institutions.

If you’re coming to the conference and spot any of the Wiley team (you’ll recognise them from the smiling faces below), please feel free to grab a few minutes of their time.

Introducing:  Matthew Howells

As Senior Account Manager for Southern England & Ireland, Matt is our main point of contact if you would like information on pricing or licensing for your institution. If you have any queries about existing subscriptions or resources, Matt is the one to look out for.


Don’t forget: Ben Townsend

As UK Academic & Professional Sales Manager, Ben is our expert on books. Ever wondered about how eBooks can benefit your institution? Why not grab Ben to find out?



Last but not least: Iti Singh

As Marketing Manager in the Institutional Channel Marketing team, Iti will be happy to answer any questions you might have on the promotional materials Wiley can provide for you. If you have any open days or upcoming events, why not ask how Wiley can help?

DREaM 5 speaker insight: Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke

In another of our series of DREaM Conference preview posts, Mike Clarke describes what he will be doing at next week’s conference and why he is keen to attend.

Mike Clarke is Head of Libraries and Registration Services for the London Borough of Camden.

How did you hear about the DREaM project and the conference?


Stephanie Kenna, whom I have known professionally for many years, asked me on behalf of the DREaM project team if I would be interested in chairing a session.


What’s your role at the conference on 9th July?


I’m to chair the One Minute Madness session – a series of one-minute presentations by members of the DREaM workshop cadre and other conference delegates. This is a new format to me, but as I like quick, focused information it sounds right up my street!


As someone who works in the public library sector, what do you hope to gain by participating on the day?


I would like to re-connect with research practice, which can sometimes seem a bit distanced from the world of public libraries, and to find some thinking time and space.

Mike Clarke will be chairing the One Minute Madness session at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme, please see the conference web page.

Ashgate looks forward to the DREaM conference

Ashgate logoHelen Moore of Ashgate Publishing, has contributed a guest blog post on Ashgate’s involvement in the DREaM project as a sponsor of the DREaM conference. Helen writes:

Ashgate Publishing is delighted to be sponsoring the DREaM conference. Attending events like this is an essential way for us to keep in touch with the LIS community and identify potential authors to work with in the future.

Our key areas of publishing currently include:

  • library and collection management
  • museum and heritage management
  • digital technologies – new series Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities
  • information marketing
  • archiving and data management
  • library building and design

We are expanding our list and new authors should contact the Publisher Dymphna Evans.

Information and Cultural Management titles from Ashgate include a wide range of authoritative texts on key skills in libraries, museums, archives, and heritage institutions. Many of our texts have reached their second, third or even later editions in recognition of their valuable contribution to information and cultural management best practice. The list includes a range of practical and reference books on archives and record management, classification, library planning and design, and museum management, with a heritage management list in development.

We also have a particularly strong list of research monographs in library and information science.

If you are participating at the DREaM conference next week, please visit our stand and introduce yourself.

DREaM 5 speaker insight: Hazel Hall

Professor Hazel Hall

In the sixth of our series of DREaM Conference preview posts, Hazel Hall describes how she feels the DREaM project has gone so far and what delegates can expect from the conference next week.

Hazel Hall is the principal investigator of the DREaM project. She is also Director of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University.

This is the last of the five DREaM events. How have the events gone so far?


One of my jobs has been to analyse the evaluation sheets after each event. On the basis of the delegate feedback, the events have gone very well. This is both in terms of meeting the main general aim of the DREaM project to develop a UK network of LIS researchers, and other expectations of the project, such as introducing LIS researchers to a broad range of research techniques and methods. The feedback from the three workshops is particularly interesting in that it has come across as more positive from one event to the next. I think this is as much result of the gelling of the cadre members as of our responses to specific “practical” requests noted in feedback on previous events, such as providing tables for those tweeting at the workshops.


What can delegates expect at this event: what will they recognise from previous events, what’s new?


They should expect an exciting day. As has been the case with previous events we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that there is a strong “social” element to the day and that the proceedings will be accessible to remote followers as well as those at the British Library Conference Centre. I’ll be introducing the conference, we have two keynotes, and a One Minute Madness session just like we did for the launch conference in 2011. New this time will be an invited paper on the DREaM network itself, and we’re running a panel session in the afternoon. We also have the opportunity to recognise practitioner excellence in the award to the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group. I’m really looking forward to hearing Ben Goldacre’s closing keynote presentation, and the chance to relax a little at the end of the day at the networking drinks reception and prize draw.


What are your hopes for the future of the UK network of LIS researchers after the DREaM project ends?


I hope that the connections that have been made over the past year or so endure and that the links between research and practice in LIS are strengthened. In the future I would love to hear people look back to this project and identify it as a catalyst that helped reinvigorate LIS research in the UK. We’ve now reached the stage where the DREaM project team hands its work over to the community to create a lasting legacy. Here’s hoping that we have have done enough for this to happen.

Hazel Hall will be chairing the morning sessions at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme, please see the conference web page.

Meet Debra Thornton – CILIP NW sponsored DREaM delegate

Debra Thornton is the CILIP NW sponsored DREaM conference delegate. Here she speaks about her involvement in LIS research projects. She hopes that her work will inspire many librarians to take up research and improve the evidence base for Library and Information Science.

Debra Thornton is Knowledge and Library Services Manager at the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

She says that in her previous role as a Clinical Librarian she became very aware of the importance of evidence based practice and its application to disciplines other than medicine e.g teaching and librarianship. Since then she has always tried to conduct her professional duties based on evidence of what works well.

In the field of LIS she was often frustrated by the lack of good quality studies. This led her to carrying out evaluation studies on her own. She later became involved in a number of research projects with other Clinical Librarians and realised that ordinary, everyday librarians such as herself can carry out research studies that could help other LIS professionals.

Debra says that she is very pleased to have won the bursary to attend the DREaM conference and looks forward to participating at the event on Monday 9th July.

Meet the DREaM conference sponsors

We are grateful to the following organisations for their generous sponsorship of the forthcoming DREaM project conference on Monday 9th July:

Facet Publishing  
Glen Recruitment  
Library and information Science Research Group (CILIP)    
Sue Hill Recruitment  

“What’s not to like about DREaM?” asks Sue Hill

Sue Hill Recruitment logoSue Hill, Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Professionals, has contributed a guest blog post on Sue Hill Recruitment’s involvement as a sponsor of the DREaM conference. Sue writes:

What’s not to like about DREaM? It is an event you know you WANT to sponsor and/or to be part of. We are delighted to be doing both. Donald Lickley from Sue Hill Recruitment will be attending and reporting back to the team and doubtless tweeting from the spot. If I wasn’t intending to spend the day recovering from my wedding the day before I would be sitting, listening and watching how everyone copes with ‘One minute madness’. I’ve done presentations of five minutes and three minutes and very recently two minutes, but I have yet to experience a frightening horn being blown at one minute. Good luck in chairing that Mike! (And how many times have we heard a thirty minute talk that only had one minute of value in it?)

The DREaM program of events comes to an end with the concluding conference (#lis_dream5). Charles Oppenheim says he hopes that ‘a new generation of enthusiastic and competent LIS researchers will emerge and be self-sustaining through what will be, in effect, a community of practice.’ We couldn’t agree more and we are proud to be associated with that aim.

Registrations for the DREaM conference close today, Monday 2nd July. To book your place, please submit your details to the conference registration page.

Online registrations for the DREaM conference close today

Online registrations for the Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM) project conference, which takes place at the British Library conference centre on Monday 9th July, close today (Monday 2nd July). We still have some places available for librarians, information professionals, researchers, academics, practitioner researchers and students – indeed all interested in library and information science research and its use in practice in general, and in particular anyone keen to follow and join the debate on:

  • The value and impact of libraries and information services
  • The evidence to demonstrate the value and impact of libraries and information services
  • The development of a UK network of researchers and library and information practitioner-researchers

For just £95 the exciting DREaM conference programme includes:

  • Keynote presentations by international expert on value measurement in libraries Professor Carol Tenopir, and best-selling author, broadcaster, medical doctor and academic Dr Ben Goldacre
  • Papers on the DREaM project by Hazel Hall, and the DREaM network by Louise Cooke
  • An open panel discussion on how a UK network of LIS researchers can be sustained, led by Charles Oppenheim with contributions from the conference speakers and panelists Jo Alcock and Carla Basili
  • A series of delegate-led “one minute madness” presentations covering a range of work across all library sectors, chaired by Mike Clarke of Camden Libraries
  • Presentation of the Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award by Dr Ben Goldacre to the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group
  • Access to the conference exhibition including stands from Ashgate, Facet, Sage and Wiley
  • Post-conference networking drinks reception and prize draw
  • All refreshments on the day: at registration, in the lunch and tea/coffee breaks, and at the post-conference networking drinks reception

See the full programme at Book your place now at Registrations close today: Monday 2nd July.