New summer intern joins the team: meet Maja Ilievska

Maja Ilievska has joined Hazel Hall’s team at Edinburgh Napier University to work on LIS Research Coalition projects DREaM and RiLIES. In particular she will be helping on final preparations for the DREaM conference. She will also work with the team to identify possible ways for the LIS research community to continue to support research in the domain beyond the formal end of the LIS Research Coalition projects. You will be hearing more from her soon. Meanwhile, we hand over to Maja to introduce herself:

“Hello. I am starting my internship in the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, so this seems a good time to introduce myself. I applied for the position of an intern through the IAESTE internship programme and I am now working with Professor Hazel Hall on her LIS research projects.

Maja Ilievska

“I am a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently I am in the last year of my undergraduate studies and recently I have been working on a project about social network analysis, online communities and spreading the information within them as part of a course in Intelligent Information Systems. I hope that I will be able to use this to help LIS practitioners reach the information they require.

“I am looking forward to my involvement in the DREaM and RiLIES, projects and meeting all the people working on these projects.

“I am also looking forward to amazing weekends organized by IAESTE Scotland along with the rest of the interns because it is great opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world and learn about Scotland’s history and culture. As I will be in the UK this summer I really hope to catch a glimpse of the Olympics or Wimbledon.”

Maja has set up a new Twitter account @MajaNapier, which she will use while she is on placement over the summer.

DREaM 5 speaker insight: Carla Basili

Carla Basili

In the second of our DREaM Conference preview posts, Dr Carla Basili describes the perspectives that she will bring to the panel discussion …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers.
Dr Carla Basili is Senior Researcher at the Italian National Research Council and Associate Professor on Methodologies of Scientific Information at Sapienza University in Rome.
Note: In the event Carla Basili was unable to attend the DREaM conference on 9th July 2012. John Dolan kindly took her place on the panel.

How have you been involved in the DREaM project to date?

Participation in the panel session at the DREaM conference on 9th July will be my first face-to-face involvement in the project.

Why are you participating at the conference?

I’m pleased to be participating at the conference because the themes of the DREaM project are close to my research interests. In 2003 I launched a network of researchers in Information Literacy (EnIL, the European network on Information Literacy). On 9th July I can report about my experience of this network, and a framework of variables for the qualitative analysis and comparison of European information literacy policies. I’ll be happy to discuss these themes with delegates one-to-one during the breaks and networking sessions, as well as formally during the panel session.

The title of the afternoon panel session at the conference is “…and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers”. Why is it important that the UK network of LIS researchers is sustained, and what do you anticipate we will be discussed in the panel session?

Firstly, the DREaM project is a timely attempt to answer to the question: how to justify the funding of research in the LIS domain? This question, indeed, is part of a more general concern as to how research funding in the Humanities can be justified in terms of impact.

Both these connected questions are of great relevance, particularly in the European context. What’s interesting and new about the work of the DREaM project is that while a number of initiatives have been already undertaken for the Arts and Humanities sector in general, the focus here is on one disciplinary area in particular: library and information science.

Secondly, and with specific reference to the theme of the panel discussion, I’m looking forward to discussing concrete steps that will:

  • formalise and manage the DREaM network and
  • raise the familiarity among LIS researchers with innovative research methods and interdisciplinary research

…together with the potential benefits of collaborating in a network.

Dr Carla Basili will be participating in a panel discussion entitled: …and so the DREaM goes on: means of sustaining the UK network of LIS researchers at the DREaM Conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. For full details about the conference programme and to book a place, please see the conference web page.

June 2012 issue of Coalition newsletter now available

In 2012 we are issuing regular newsletters to keep the LIS research community informed of the work of the LIS Research Coalition. The newsletters will be mailed to relevant listservs, and a copy of each one archived on the newsletters page.

The third newsletter dated June 2012 is issued this week. Our top stories are:

  1. Places still available for the DREaM conference, British Library, 9th July 2012
  2. Apply for CILIP-sponsored places at the DREaM conference by Thursday 14th June
  3. DREaM project wins front page coverage in CILIP Update
  4. Winners of the Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award announced
  5. Materials from DREaM event 4 now available
  6. How to deploy social media for research impact, and lessons from impactful research projects – read the latest updates from the RiLIES1 project team
  7. RiLIES2 project highlights pressing need for a centrally-funded community-maintained directory of LIS research resources
  8. Places still available to attend free LIS research resource briefing at CILIP HQ on Tuesday 10th July
  9. LIS Research Coalition project presentations well received at QQML2012 in Limerick
  10. Miggie Pickton and Biddy Fisher contribute guest posts to the LIS Research Coalition blog

Deadline extended for applications for sponsored places at the DREaM conference

CILIP logoWe recently announced that two CILIP groups are offering sponsored places at the DREaM conference for their members. The deadline for applications has been extended to 5pm on Thursday 14th June for both schemes:

CILIP North West branch and LIRG look forward to receiving all applications by Thursday 5pm at the latest.

DREaM 5 speaker insight: Dr Louise Cooke

Louise Cooke

Dr Louise Cooke

As the DREaM Conference at the British Library on 9th July fast approaches, we bring you the first in our series of preview posts from our speakers and panelists. In this post, Dr Louise Cooke describes her involvement with the DREaM project as a whole and introduces her invited paper: Facets of DREaM: An analysis of network development to support UK LIS research and researchers.

Dr Louise Cooke is a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University, where she teaches on the MSc Information and Knowledge Management programme.

Dr Cooke gave an introduction to social network analysis at the second DREaM event.
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North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group wins Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award

Ben Goldacre announcement

It was announced at the DREaM workshop in January 2012 that Ben Goldacre would present the Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award at the DREaM conference

Congratulations to the members of the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group, winners of the Practitioner Researcher Excellence Award. They will be collecting their prize at the DREaM conference at the British Library on 9th July. Keynote speaker at the conference, Dr Ben Goldacre will present the award.

The fifteen winning library and information science practitioner researchers, who work together as a team across eleven different organisations in the North West, are:

  • Lucy Anderson, Bury Primary Care Trust
  • Rosalind McNally, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
  • Michelle Maden, Edgehill University (Aintree Hospital NHS Trust)
  • Helen Medley, Liverpool Primary Care Trust
  • Pippa Orr, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Morag Platt, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Clare Payne, Mersey Care NHS Trust
  • Tracy Pratchett, University Hospitals of Morecombe Bay Foundation Trust
  • Michael Reid, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Gary Sutton, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jenny Tancock, University Hospitals of Morecombe Bay Foundation Trust
  • Debra Thornton, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Denise Thomas, St Helens and Knowsley Health Informatics
  • Anne Webb, Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Riz Zafar, Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Alison Brettle of Salford University mentored the team.

If you would like to attend the DREaM conference and meet members of the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group, there are still places available, including some that are funded. Expert speakers and panelists participating at the DREaM conference include Jo Alcock, Dr Carla Basili, Dr Louise Cooke, Professor Hazel Hall, Annie Mauger, Professor Charles Oppenheim and Professor Carol Tenopir. Dr Ben Goldacre will be delivering the closing keynote paper.

For further details of the work of the North West Clinical Librarian Systematic Review and Evaluation Group and why the team won the award, please see the media release.

Sponsored places at the DREaM conference: an update

Over the past few weeks we have announced a number of schemes to support those who would like to attend the DREaM conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July. Applications for the international travel bursary closed yesterday on May 30th, and we’d like to thank all who made submissions. These are now being assessed and the name of the award winner will be announced soon. Three schemes remain open to which all eligible individuals are invited to apply.

Delegates at last year's DREaM project launch conference

Delegates at last year’s DREaM project launch conference

If you are considering means of funding your place at the conference other than asking your employer to meet the £95 registration fee or paying yourself, don’t forget that a number of professional groups also offer awards to support professional development opportunities throughout the year as identified by individual members. For example, the UKeIG Student Conference Grant scheme offers three grants a year to enable students attend UK-based conferences relevant to their professional studies, and the CILIP North West branch makes four grants a year to individuals to support their CPD. It is worthwhile checking with the web pages of the professional groups to which you belong to see which offer similar schemes to give their members opportunities to develop their careers. For general current awareness about professional awards you can also subscribe to the JISCMail list LIS-AWARDS.

LIRG offers two sponsored DREaM conference places

Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi’s Newton at the British Library

CILIP’s Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) has announced that it is offering two bursaries to cover registration at the DREaM Conference on 9th July 2012 at the British Library. The awards will cover the conference registration fee (£95). The two award winners will also be able to attend the LIRG AGM, which takes place immediately after the formal close of the conference.

All LIRG members are eligible to apply for the award. Applicants are asked write a brief statement (up to 50 words) that outlines how attendance at DREaM Conference will impact on their professional practice. Those who submit the two best statements (as judged by two LIRG committee members) will each receive a conference place. (Applicants will be responsible for meeting any travel, accommodation and subsistence costs associated with participation at the conference.)

The closing date for applications is Monday 11 June 2012 5pm Thursday 14th June (new extended deadline), and the names of the award winners will be announced in mid-late June.

To apply for the bursary, please e-mail the following details to the LIRG Awards and Prizes Co-ordinator, Alison Brettle at your name, contact e-mail address, employer details and your application statement.

Further details of the award are provided on the LIRG web pages.

CILIP North West members invited to apply for sponsored DREaM conference place

CILIP logoCILIP North West Branch seeks applications for a sponsored place at the DREaM conference at the British Library on Monday 9th July 2012. The award will cover the conference registration fee of £95 plus travel expenses up to £90. In exchange for the place, the award winner will write an article about their participation at the DREaM conference for the CILIP North West Branch Newsletter.

If you are a CILIP member based in the North West and interested in applying for this place at the DREaM conference, please complete the application form by Monday 11th June 5pm Thursday 14th June (new extended deadline). The winner will be drawn at random, and the name announced by Wednesday 20th June.

RiLIES report highlights 4: Key lessons from impactful research projects

In a blog post that we published on February 2 2012 we announced that the full report of the Research in Librarianship Impact Evaluation Study (RiLIES1) was available to download, and that we would be blogging highlights of the report over the coming weeks. This is the fourth of the RiLIES1 highlights postings. Here we present lessons from five research projects that the LIS community identified as having a particularly strong impact on practitioners.

The broad aim of our first RiLIES project was to investigate the extent to which funded research projects in the domain of library and information science (LIS) influence practice in the UK. It focused particularly on identifying factors that increase or hinder the impact of research findings on those who deliver library and information services.

The projects used as case studies for understanding how to maximise impact from the perspective of researchers were: (1) Open to all; (2) eValued; (3) Researchers’ use of academic libraries; (4) Evaluating clinical librarian services; (5) School libraries in the UKWe found that they share many characteristics.

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