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On November 18 2010 we announced the award of £45,000 grant funding from the AHRC to support the DREaM project: Developing Research Excellence and Methods. The purpose of the grant was to develop a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers in 2011/12. Details of the project were initially publicised in: (1) the blog posting DREaM project to support creation of UK-wide network of LIS researchers; (2) the media release about the project, found on the Media release page; and (3) slides from Hazel Hall’s presentation An update from the Library and Information Science Research Coalition delivered at Online 2010. In September 2011 Library and Information Research published an article about the project by Hazel Hall, Stephanie Kenna and Charles Oppenheim.

Project events

The five DREaM project events explored the scope of LIS and related research, and the range of methods appropriate to research in the domain. Researchers from LIS, as well as other subject domains, expert in a variety of techniques presented method overviews at these events, covering their strengths and weaknesses. A wide range of techniques was evaluated beyond the standard qualitative and quantitative methods commonly deployed in LIS research. A number of the participants from across all LIS sectors, and at different stages of their career, participated in all five DREaM events. Others chose to attend just the workshops (free of charge as a set of three), or the launch conference and/or the concluding event.

DREaM events and archived resources

The links in the table below lead to resources related to each of the DREaM project events. These include presentation recordings, summaries and slides, as well as reviews of each event.

Event Presentations Reviews
(1) Launch conference, 19 July 2011, London Accessed from Event 1 presentations page Event 1 reviews page
(2) Workshop 1, 25 October 2011, Edinburgh Accessed from Event 2 programme page Event 2 reviews page
(3) Workshop 2, 30 January 2012, London Accessed from Event 3 programme page Event 3 reviews page
(4) Workshop 3, 25 April 2012, Edinburgh Accessed from Event 4 programme page Event 4 reviews page
(5) Concluding conference, 9 July 2012, London Accessed from Event 5 presentations page Event 5 reviews page

Contributors and themes

For details of the contributors to the DREaM events please see the DREaM project contributors page. A list of the workshop themes and speakers is also provided on the workshops page.


Participants in the DREaM project are members of the DREaM online community. Membership of the DREaM online community is open to all with interests in LIS research, whether or not they were able to attend the DREaM project events. We also created a list for all DREaM project participants on Twitter. Those who took part in the three workshops are listed on the DREaM workshop cadre page.

Keeping in touch

The project Twitter account is @LIS_DREaM.

You are also welcome to join the DREaM online community. An efficient way to keep up to date with the DREaM project participants is follow them together from the DREaM participants Twitter list.

Blog posts relating to the DREaM project:

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