DREaM event 2: Unconference half hour

Flip chart presentations from the unconference half hour at LIS DREaM 2

Unconference half hour flip charts


Participants at the first DREaM workshop were invited to share their own work and research interests during the unconference half hour.





Thanks to Participants

We are very grateful to everyone who took part in this session. In order of presentation, they are:

  1. Jo Alcock
  2. Maria Grant
  3. Sarah Wingate Gray
  4. Alison Brettle
  5. David Haynes
  6. David Jarman
  7. Jo Longhurst
  8. Paula Goodale
  9. Michael Stead
  10. Katie Fraser

If any participant would like a copy of the recording of just their own presentation, for example for their own blog or web site, this can be arranged. Please just let Hazel Hall know: hazel.hall@lisresearch.org.

If you would like to comment on this set of presentations, please join the discussion in the DREaM online community on the page for this video, or contact the speakers directly through their member profile pages in the DREaM online community.

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