DREaM event 4: Impact snakes and ladders


Hazel Hall and Kevin Swingler at LIS DREaM 4

Participants discuss the workshop task questions

Professor Hazel Hall from the LIS Research Coalition facilitated a workshop session on research impact on 25th April 2012 at the third DREaM workshop.


Professor Hall provided a preview of this session in a short interview.


The workshop task first required participants to work in six groups to consider a series of questions about links between research and practice. Each group’s questions were slightly different. The questions depended on the composition of the group membership, as designated by the workshop organisers in advance of the workshop. Those in “practitioner” groups – (A1) academic librarians, (A2) special librarians (national, government, health), (A3) public librarians – discussed the barriers experienced by those who wish to access and use LIS research in their work. Those in “researcher” groups – (B1) full-time PhD students, (B2) part-time PhD students, (B3) academic researchers – were encouraged to consider strategies employed by researchers to increase the impact of their research.

In part 2 of the task each of the six groups paired up with another group to make three larger practitioner-researcher groups. These larger groups were asked to consider both sets of answers generated in response to the questions set the first part of the task, then to make three recommendations that would help strengthen the links between research and practice.

At the end of the session a member of each of the larger groups reported his/her group’s recommendations to the rest of the workshop participants. These short reports were recorded and can be seen in the session video (please see below). Hazel Hall then distributed the recommendations of the Research in Librarianship Impact Evaluation Study (RiLIES) project (completed by her team at Edinburgh Napier University in 2011) for comparison with the recommendations generated by the groups in this workshop session.



You can also view this resource on Slideshare.

You can also view this resource on Slideshare.
The workshop task was made available to remote participants via this shared Google document.


This video features group representatives Paul Gooding, Katie Fraser, Rossitza Atanassova and David Haynes providing their group’s recommendations to the workshop members as a whole.

You can also view this video on Vimeo
If you would like to comment on this presentation, please join the discussion in the DREaM online community.

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