Reviews of DREaM event 4: workshop, Edinburgh 25th April 2012

Please find here reviews of the third of the three DREaM project workshops held on Wednesday 25th April 2012 at the Craighouse campus, Edinburgh Napier University. These take the form of blog posts. Our Event Amplifier Kirsty Pitkin has also added to Flickr some photos that she took at the workshop. Further resources, including discussions that follow on from the workshop sessions, can also be found in the DREaM online community.

  1. Jo Alcock’s review
  2. Aislinn Conway’s review
  3. Katie Fraser’s review
  4. Paul Gooding’s review (posted in the DREaM online community)
  5. Christine Irving’s review (posted in the DREaM online community).
  6. Lauren Smith’s review – includes a useful list of 10 references on the deployment of repertory grids in information science research
  7. Sara Wingate Gray’s review

Analysis of the workshop evaluation forms is included in Hazel Hall’s blog post DREaM workshop 3 (#lis_dream4): review and thanks.

We used CoverItLive to capture the Twitter discussions surrounding the event hashtag #lis_dream4 and to provide a forum for non-Twitter users to participate in the event remotely. A full archive of these conversations can be found in the CoverItLive LIS DREaM 4 live blog archive. From these exchanges you can get a sense of “live reviewing” of the event as it unfolded. It can be seen here that as well as contributions from the delegates at the venue, others following the workshop from a distance online contributed to the conversation.

For those interested in seeing the full archive of tagged tweets in the run-up, during, and immediately after the event, the data under the archive tab in this Google docs spreadsheet displays the full set of tagged exchanges from 17th April until 2nd May 2012.

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