DREaM event 5: “DREaM past, present and future”


Professor Hazel Hall

Hazel Hall, principal investigator of the DREaM project, welcomed delegates to the final DREaM conference with an overview of DREaM past, present and future.

Hazel provided a preview of this session in a short interview.



You can also view this presentation on Slideshare.



This video is also available on Vimeo.

Session Summary

Hazel Hall opened the conference with an overview of the DREaM project and how it fits into the work of the LIS Research Coalition. As the conference marked the DREaM project drawing to a close, she particularly thanked those who have contributed most to the organisation of all the events, including co-investigator Charles Oppenheim, Stephanie Kenna, Rossitza Atanassova, and Christine Irving.

Hall reviewed the previous four DREaM events, highlighting the role these events have played in meeting the project’s core aim to develop a UK-wide network of LIS researchers. The events have also acted as vehicles to help the project meet other aims, including: building research capacity and capability in the LIS research community; raising quality and standards in research training, practice, output, value, impact and influence; and providing a secure foundation for long-term research collaborations.

The DREaM project launch conference in July 2011 involved 87 participants, and was followed by three linked workshops attended by a core workshop cadre. These workshops covered broad research approaches, mainly focusing on techniques that are unfamiliar to library and information science researchers. All these events have been amplified, reviewed and archived online. You can find out more about workshop 1, workshop 2, workshop 3. The project has also established a technical and social infrastructure for research collaborations, including the DREaM online community, and the DREaM participants Twitter list.

To demonstrate the impact of the DREaM project, Hall highlighted a paper presented by Alison Brettle, a member of the DREaM cadre, at the 4th International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, Limerick, Ireland. In this paper, Brettle evidenced a growth in the theoretical knowledge of the group, a small increase in practical experience of the research methods covered, and a growth in the number of research experts within the cadre. Brettle gathered data her peers using the critical incidents technique at the third DREaM workshop. This showed evidence of the project meeting its objectives as noted above.

Hall concluded by highlighting the main conference themes for the day, including how to build an evidence base to demonstrate the value and impact of library and information services, how the work of the DREaM project can be carried forward sustainably, and the legacy of the LIS Research Coalition.
If you would like to comment on this presentation, please join the discussion in the DREaM online community.

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