DREaM workshops

Building the skills to build the evidence base

Workshop format

The DREaM project aimed to establish a sustainable network of LIS researchers. To meet this aim the second, third and fourth DREaM events (of five in total, with the fifth being the concluding conference on in London on 9 July 2012) comprised three linked DREaM project workshops. Each of these included a session on:

  1. a broad research approach;
  2. a specific quantitative research technique;
  3. a specific qualitative research technique;
  4. a research “practicality” (e.g. ethics, improving research impact, influencing policy).

In addition there was an “unconference half hour” at each workshop. In this session participants took the opportunity to update the other members of the group on their research (e.g. an on-going project, ideas for a proposal, their involvement in other research-related activities such as conference committee work). Each event also included a game or task that was set in the morning and concluded later in the day.

This format was designed for a set of participants who attended all three events to develop their skills together as a “cadre”, i.e. a set of individuals committed to LIS research who would form the backbone of a network that would last beyond the duration of the DREaM project. With this priority in mind, those who registered committed to full participation at all the workshops:

(As well as the individual lanyrd pages for each workshop, there was one for the full workshop series.)

The financial support from the AHRC allowed us to run the workshops without charging a registration fee for the set of three. This helped make them more accessible to those who participated. In addition, travel bursaries of £150 were awarded to six new professionals and PhD students in October 2011 to support workshop participation.

Workshop themes and speakers

Themes and speakers at the workshops included:

Workshop participants

The workshop participants are listed on the DREaM workshop cadre page.

Programme committee

The workshop programme was developed by the DREaM project Principal and Co-investigators Professor Hazel Hall and Professor Charles Oppenheim. They were supported by current and former members of the DREaM project advisory board: Dr Susie Andretta (formerly of London Metropolitan University), Silvia Anton (formerly of MLA), Dr Rossitza Atanassova (British Library), Christine Irving (Library and Information Research Group), Dr Michael Jubb (Research Information Network), Stephanie Kenna (LIS Research Coalition) and Professor Gunilla Widén (Åbo Akademi School of Business and Economics, Finland).

Conference Secretariat

Edinburgh Napier University, holder of the AHRC grant for the DREaM project, provided the secretariat for the DREaM project events.

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