DREaM workshop “cadre”

In her presentation at the DREaM project launch conference 19 July 2011, Hazel Hall referred to the development of a “cadre”, i.e. a network of committed individuals who would form the backbone to support a sustainable network of library and information science researchers that would last beyond the duration of the project. This cadre would be formed by the people who participate in the set of three DREaM project workshops.

Those who committed to the workshops are listed below. They came from a range of sectors including public, academic, school, healthcare and special libraries, and the majority were working as practitioners in 2011/12, or had practitioner experience. In addition the group comprised academic researchers and PhD students. A large number of the participants had a profile that covers more than one “category”, for example as a full-time practitioner also registered part-time for a higher degree.

The linked names below lead to workshop participant profiles in the DREaM online community. Here you will find further details, for example of individuals’ research interests, work responsibilities, publications, motivations for becoming involved in the DREaM project, and links to their personal blogs and web sites. (The DREaM online community is open to membership to anyone with an interest in LIS research. You do not have to have attended a DREaM event to join. If you have not done so already, please feel free to sign up.)

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