Breakout session 1

LIS DREaM Launch Conference

Dr Philip Hills presenting his breakout session


Dr Philip Hills, editor of the International Journal of Information Management, presented a breakout session workshop designed to help participants to raise their research dissemination ambitions.




Session Description:

This session comprised guided discussions and an interactive exercise designed to encourage participants to consider strategies for widening the audience for their research findings. Those with ambitions to publish their work beyond their natural comfort zone, for example by submitting article manuscripts to international, peer-reviewed journals, learnt here how to develop and target their work for acceptance.


Session handout [PDF]

Session handout [MS Word]

Session Summary:

The rapporteur for this session was Dr Rossitza Atanassova from the British Library, who provided a summary of the session outcomes during the afternoon feedback session.

The group considered the variety of mechanisms available to disseminate research, including the use of web-based platforms such as Facebook, Slideshare and YouTube, as well as more traditional options, such as journals, presentations and seminars.  The group concluded that networking and circulating research using web-based technology is extremely important.

The group discussed the difficulties they have encountered with traditional journal publishing as a research dissemination route. They unanimously agreed that there is a significant issue with the time lag between submission and publication, and an issue with conflicting reports from references, with which Dr Hills himself sympathized with as an editor.  The group also identified issues connected with small community of referees.

Atanassova concluded with suggestions mooted by the group to help improve the system, which mainly revolved around increasing transparency, and improving the visibility of guidelines for creating good abstracts, titles and references.  The group also commented on the need for improved readability and literacy for papers, more accurate metadata to improve discoverability and the addition of discussion forums within the letter pages of journals.

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