One Minute Madness

LIS DREaM Launch Conference

The One Minute Madness Horn


Stella Wisdom chaired our whirlwind tour through the thirteen quick fire presentations, in which participants had just one minute to share their own experiences of stepping out of their own research comfort zone.



Session Format:

Those that signed up for a slot related to the audience how they have explored the use of research methods from other disciplines, worked on research projects with others with a completely different research backgrounds, applied LIS research techniques to new research areas, discovered new ways to disseminate their work, or found a new network of relevance to their research efforts. Some took the opportunity of a slot in this session to put out a call to invite others to join them as they take their first steps out of the comfort zone. Each had just one minute to make their points, which was strictly enforced by Stella Wisdom and her horn. They were accompanied by a single slide providing their name, the title of their talk and their contact details so that members of the audience could get in touch to follow up on any points of interest or overlap.



View this video at Vimeo


The slides from this presentation include the names, affiliations, topics and contact details of each of those who spoke during the one minute madness session.

View this presentation on Slideshare

Thanks to Participants:

We are very grateful to everyone who took part in this session. If any participant would like a copy of the recording of just their own presentation, for example for their own blog or web site, this can be arranged. Please just let Hazel Hall know:

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