Coalition review 2011, and priorities for 2011/12

A review of the Coalition’s work since its foundation in 2009 was undertaken by external consultants Sandra Ward, Beaworthy Consulting and Ian Wooler, IDW Ltd and completed in April 2011. The consultants presented their report at the May 2011 meeting of the Coalition Board and the results and recommendations were subsequently discussed in detail at a Special Meeting of the Board held on 27 July.

The Board welcomed the findings of the review and agreed on the following three priorities for the third and final year of the Coalition:

  1. The AHRC-funded DREaM project: Developing Research Excellence and Methods.
  2. Follow-up work arising from the Research in Librarianship – Impact Evaluation Project (RiLIES).
  3. Raising the profile and visibility of the Coalition and what it stands for by engaging more effectively with the LIS researcher and practitioner communities.

The DREaM project will:

  • create a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers;
  • promote research capability and capacity in the LIS community;
  • connect LIS researchers and practitioners;
  • aim to leave a sustainable long-term legacy.

The findings from RiLIES project will be used to:

  • strengthen the link between LIS research and practice;
  • support those engaged in LIS research by ensuring their work has impact;
  • help those engaged to LIS research to develop strategies for
    • generating new research ideas
    • deciding research approaches
    • determining project scale
    • dissemination of research results

Raising the profile and visibility of the Coalition among the LIS researcher and practitioner communities will:

  • realise value from the work of the Coalition;
  • help the practitioner community demonstrate service impact;
  • contribute to service improvement through use of research resources provided by the Coalition;
  • feed into the DREaM and RiLIES projects;
  • leave a sustainable long-term legacy.

This is an ambitious programme for the next twelve months and we need to work with the LIS research and practitioner communities to deliver it. If you would like to help with this work – either as an individual or on behalf of your organisation – please contact Hazel Hall.

Coalition review update

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the recent Coalition review by completing the survey and/or participating in an interview. The objective of the study was to investigate familiarity with the Coalition’s work, assess its activities and achievements so far and value to of its work to LIS professionals, and gather comments on plans for Coalition work in 2011/12.

External consultants Sandra Ward of Beaworthy Consulting and Ian Wooler of IDW Ltd presented their report to the LIS Research Coalition Board of Directors earlier in the summer. One of the main findings of the study is that those who are familiar with the work of the Coalition are highly supportive of it. However, the Coalition is not well-known across all sectors. There is a need to improve the visibility of the Coalition and to communicate its aims and objectives. The findings also indicate where the LIS community would like the Coalition to focus its efforts in the coming months. Taking the responses as a whole, these are (in order of importance):

  1. to promote the development of LIS research capacity and capability and good practice in LIS research;
  2. to develop and articulate (with the LIS community) a strategic approach to LIS research;
  3. to facilitate dialogue between LIS research funders, researchers and practitioners;
  4. to bring together information about LIS research opportunities and results of research projects;
  5. to promote LIS practitioner research and the translation of research outcomes into practice i.e. promoting engagement between researchers and practitioners.

Study respondents who are aware of the DREaM and RiLIES projects recognise the value of these in contributing to the meeting of the goals listed above.

At the end of July the Coalition Board is holding a special meeting to discuss these and the other findings of presented in the consultants’ report, and to develop an action plan in response. Further information on this will be posted to this blog in due course.

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LIS Research Coalition Review announced

It is now two years since our founding members agreed to establish the LIS Research Coalition (on 2nd March 2009 – see our History page), and we are now about to initiate a review of the Coalition’s value and impact. To encourage a wide contribution to this review, a link to an online questionnaire will be made available from these web pages in the week beginning March 28th. This will remain open until 17.00 on Friday April 8th 2011.

The questionnaire will take no more than 15 minutes to complete. It will ask you to comment on your familiarity the Coalition’s work, your assessment of its activities and achievements so far, its value to your work, and your comments on plans for the next 12 months. Do look out for the announcement of the questionnaire link, and please share this announcement with your colleagues and networks.

The review is being undertaken by external consultants Sandra Ward, Beaworthy Consulting and Ian Wooler, IDW Ltd.

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