New summer intern joins the team: meet Maja Ilievska

Maja Ilievska has joined Hazel Hall’s team at Edinburgh Napier University to work on LIS Research Coalition projects DREaM and RiLIES. In particular she will be helping on final preparations for the DREaM conference. She will also work with the team to identify possible ways for the LIS research community to continue to support research in the domain beyond the formal end of the LIS Research Coalition projects. You will be hearing more from her soon. Meanwhile, we hand over to Maja to introduce herself:

“Hello. I am starting my internship in the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, so this seems a good time to introduce myself. I applied for the position of an intern through the IAESTE internship programme and I am now working with Professor Hazel Hall on her LIS research projects.

Maja Ilievska

“I am a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently I am in the last year of my undergraduate studies and recently I have been working on a project about social network analysis, online communities and spreading the information within them as part of a course in Intelligent Information Systems. I hope that I will be able to use this to help LIS practitioners reach the information they require.

“I am looking forward to my involvement in the DREaM and RiLIES, projects and meeting all the people working on these projects.

“I am also looking forward to amazing weekends organized by IAESTE Scotland along with the rest of the interns because it is great opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world and learn about Scotland’s history and culture. As I will be in the UK this summer I really hope to catch a glimpse of the Olympics or Wimbledon.”

Maja has set up a new Twitter account @MajaNapier, which she will use while she is on placement over the summer.

New intern to help with LIS Research Coalition projects

We are pleased to introduce readers of the LIS Research Coalition blog to Jenny Gebel. Jenny has joined Hazel Hall’s team in Edinburgh, initially for a three month period until the end of July. She will be helping with the work of the LISTransnational Empowerment logo Research Coalition as an intern fully funded by the EU Transnational Empowerment Programme.

Jenny has written a few words of introduction:

“In German there is a saying “Alles neu macht der Mai”: All things new in May.

Jenny Gebel

Jenny Gebel

“So now it is May and I am the new intern within the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, where I will mainly be working on projects related to the LIS Research Coalition. My name is Jenny Gebel and I come from Germany. In 2004 I graduated with a degree in German Literature, Jewish Studies and Media and Communication skills from the Martin-Luther-University in Halle/Saale. As a student I gained work experience in Jewish museums in Germany and Poland.

“Following graduation I worked as a trainee in the Media and Archive/Collection departments of the Jewish Museum Berlin. In this role I researched and produced content for computer applications in the museum, made an inventory of biographical collections, and worked with students in archival workshops. After that I worked in the museum’s library where I catalogued a collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century Hebrew books and helped users in the reading room.

“Now I would like to extend my work experience beyond the museum environment. Through discussions with LIS students in Germany, and my own experience working in the library of the Jewish Museum, I have recently developed an interest in how information can be organised and shared. I am also interested in social media. I hope that through my work with the LIS Research Coalition projects I will be able to combine these interests and gain some additional practical work experience. This is why I decided to apply for an internship with Hazel Hall at Edinburgh Napier University.

“Now I am very excited and I think that I will learn a lot, for example about research and practice in libraries, about web publishing, and living and working in Scotland. I look forward to supporting the work of the LIS Research Coalition and meeting LIS professionals in the UK through my contributions to the DREaM and RiLIES projects.”

Jenny can be contacted at her LIS Research Coalition e-mail address: . You can follow Jenny on Twitter @dshennie. Jenny is also blogging about her internship at