New LinkedIn Group: Library and Information Research Methods

Library and Information Science Research Methods logo David Haynes (a member of the DREaM project workshop “cadre”) has set up a new group on LinkedIn for anyone interested in LIS research methods.

David Haynes

David Haynes

The group is aimed at LIS professionals, service managers, LIS researchers, and academics. It provides a forum to share ideas, ask colleagues for advice, and start discussions about research methodology. Forthcoming events are listed in the promotions tab and users can even conduct their own polls.

The site was set up jointly by Aspire Squared, IKMConsult and Information Management Associates initially as a resource for participants in their series of workshops on research methods, but has been opened up to the whole LIS community. All you need to do to join is to have a LinkedIn profile. The group is open to all and is monitored. See the group on LinkedIn for further details.

Getting to know you

coffee cup with spoonThinking about signing up for the LIS Research Coalition Conference Evidence, Value and Impact: The LIS Research Landscape in 2010 and keen to see who else has already done so? Wondering who to grab for a really interesting chat during the breaks?

Social media has now made it possible to get to know your fellow conference delegates prior to the event so you can really make the most out of the networking opportunities at the conference. To make this as easy as possible, we have a few tips….

1. Follow the the lisrc10 Twitter List, which features updates from those who are providing their Twitter details when they sign up. This is a great way of seeing who is attending, finding out about them both professionally and personally, and of getting a conversation going before you arrive at the conference.

2. If you use a Twitter client, set up a permanent search on the conference hashtag #lisrc10 so you can see what everyone else is saying about the event. If you don’t use a Twitter client, read this post to find out why you should.

3. Use the hashtag #lisrc10 when tweeting about the conference. This will help like-minded people find you and your comments, which can lead to some great conversations and connections.

4. Follow @LISResearch for official announcements both in the run up to the conference and during the event.

5. Add your details to the conference LinkedIn page, created by one of our keen delegates.

6. Read the profiles of the speakers, facilitators and session chairs on this web site.

Of course, if you don’t use Twitter or LinkedIn, you can always introduce yourself by commenting on this post… Just make sure you include a link to your blog or web site so we can all find out more.

We hope that connecting online and getting to know each other beforehand will help you to have an even better experience of networking on the day, and help you to target the people of most interest to you for a chat.

A few conference places remain available, but online bookings close on Friday 18th June, so register now to secure your place.